The Joy of motherhood

A few things your mom may not have told you; she loved you more than herself. She has watched you while sleeping. Every time you are upset, her heart sinks.

You make her life meaningful; she thinks you are one in a million and the best thing that has ever happened to her.

When I was younger I often felt the joy and love of motherhood were overestimated until I became one.

I never knew having a child would bring so much joy into my life.

I was once a broken woman, a woman with no sense of living nor did I have ambitions, but having a child gave me another purpose to live.

I woke up each day thinking of ways to be a better mother to my child, to show him that I love him more than myself.

I got pregnant when I was twenty; it was something I wasn’t proud of either. My supposed fiancé ran off after I told him I was pregnant; there were many thoughts to abort the baby, but a voice kept telling me to keep it.

I was depressed throughout those months, and I couldn’t wait to send him to a foster home.

When I first saw him, I felt a new life, energy, and hope surging through me. If there was anything I ever wanted, it was to be with my son forever.

His presence gave me light and I knew that I would always love him every day of my life with every breath I take.

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