The greatest things in life

Health, contentment, and faithfulness are one of the greatest things in life.

Health is wealth and precious. Without health, every other thing seems to be at a halt. Health comes before every other thing because health is life.

Health is the greatest gift one can have. Without being healthy, your life seems o be a threat.

Contentment can be defined as being satisfied with what someone has. Contentment is the greatest wealth. It prevents a lot of things like jealousy and hatred. One can seem to neglect the virtue of contentment until hatred and jealousy eat deep into you.

There are some people, even if they had all the best things in life; they will be jealous of the little their neighbors or friends have. Lack of contentment can make one become a beggar. You tend to lose your value and worth by not being content with what you have.

Lack of contentment can make you seek for things beyond your reach. There are many reasons why there are issues of robbery and prostitution, and it is solely because of the lack of contentment. They dream or want things they can’t afford, and instead of working positively towards achieving greatness, they are clouded with their hungry taste for wealth and go into doing the wrong things.

Faithfulness can be seen as how loyal one is. It is one of the ingredients of the best relationships. An unfaithful partner kills a relationship. Faithfulness is rare and uncommon in many relationships and has led to the end of many marriages.

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, and faithfulness makes the best relationship.


  1. Your last sentence is mixed up. “ Faithfulness is rare and uncommon in many relationships and has led to the end of many marriages.” it reads faithfulness HAS led to the END of marriages. Shouldn’t it read UNfaithfulness has led…?

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