The good old days

If a mother asks a question, it is better to tell her the truth because chances are she’s asking because she already knows the truth.

I can remember my childhood vividly well that I often laugh at how stupid I was all along and how mummy will always act as a novice towards all that I ever did.

I can remember the times I messed up mom’s clothes and each time she asked I could lie that I wasn’t the one maybe it was dad, and mom could feign annoyance and I could praise myself for being a smart kid.

When I first had a boyfriend and could stay up late in the night on phone calls; it was obvious that I was love struck and even when my mom asked, I denied it and she just smiled and went on her way.

The memories still linger on and now I have my kids, it seems like watching everything I did in my childhood.

Mom is late now and I wish she was here to see and listen to all that I have to say; it still feels like yesterday, the moments we spent together, my childhood and it ran so fast that I am already a mother of three kids.

Mom loved me so much without spoiling me even though I was her only child, and the day she left I had my triplets.

The good old days will surely never be forgotten and I will never stop telling your grandkids about you.


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