The Father finds out his daughter isn’t really his through a DNA test, but his wife didn’t cheat on him.

A 29 years old woman asked for help on Reddit about an issue. She explained that she’s been with her husband since college and cares about him a ton.

She had a 5 years old daughter with him, and things were good until the 31 years old man did a paternity test. After getting negative results, he started acting differently toward his wife and daughter.

When they got the test results, the woman was just as surprised as her husband. She never cheated on him, so she couldn’t figure out why the results said the girl wasn’t his daughter.

“I’m sure my husband is the only possible dad for our daughter. We were married and trying to have a baby. I never cheated; I wouldn’t cheat,” the woman explained on Reddit, mentioning she had been with two men before dating her husband.

The person on Reddit shared that her husband became distant after seeing the results. He spent more time at work, didn’t talk as much, and mentioned he felt suspicious because their daughter had brown eyes while both of them had blue eyes.

At first, the guy wanted his wife to leave, but then he calmed down and agreed to talk about the problem. After some talks, they decided to do tests to clear things up. Surprisingly, these tests revealed another shocking truth.

What occurred after the woman underwent some tests?

They talked, and the woman convinced her husband she’d take tests to prove she didn’t cheat. He agreed not to make her leave but warned he’d be upset if the results showed she was guilty.

For the tests they decided to do, the woman, her husband, and their daughter took a blood paternity test. This test revealed a surprising fact: they weren’t the biological parents of their daughter. The woman shared that this truth about their daughter completely changed their world.

A police officer visited our home, took our statements, and now we’re suing the hospital where I had my baby.

The woman was scared thinking about her birth daughter, worrying about where she might be. What frightened her the most was what would happen when she found her birth daughter.

Being a caring mom, the woman didn’t want her 5 years old to know she wasn’t their biological child to avoid spoiling her childhood. She was worried the girl might share it with friends and school, causing gossip. The woman said, “I don’t know why this is happening to me.”

After finding out the truth, what did the couple decide to do?

A few weeks later, the woman posted on Reddit to let everyone know what’s been happening. She mentioned that her story got a lot of attention because many YouTubers shared it before giving the update.

“We found our real daughter. She was in foster care,” the woman shared in her post. She explained that another family had taken her daughter from the hospital, but the authorities removed her when they discovered she wasn’t their biological child.

After that, the girl stayed in foster care. The woman felt sorry for the other family but was relieved her daughter was safe. The couple quickly applied for adoption and sued the hospital for their mistakes. The woman shared she received about $2 million as compensation.

“We told our daughter that her sister is coming to live with us, and we still love her a lot,” the woman said. She and her husband intended to move to a new town to begin anew with their two daughters.

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