The doctor says King Charles might not have long to live if the cancer has spread to other parts of his body.

The doctor says if King Charles’ cancer spreads to important parts of his body and is difficult to treat, he might only live for a few more years.

Yesterday, fans of the royal family were shocked to know that the King has cancer. This news came after he had a medical procedure for his prostate.

Buckingham Palace said the cancer isn’t related to his prostate but is a different problem found during his hospital stay.

“When the King had his prostate procedure, they found another issue,” Buckingham Palace said on Monday.

They discovered that Charles has cancer after doing more tests.

The palace said Charles will pause his public duties for treatment but are optimistic about his recovery.

“Today, His Majesty began regular treatments. Doctors advised him to stay away from public events during treatment. However, he will continue his official work and paperwork as usual.”

“The King is grateful for his doctors’ prompt assistance. They identified this issue during his recent hospital visit. He remains optimistic about his treatment and looks forward to returning to his public duties soon.”

The King disclosed his diagnosis to prevent speculation and to raise awareness about cancer.

Radar Online spoke with medical experts who speculated that Charles’ cancer is probably close to his prostate and could be in his liver, stomach, or lung.

Dr. Stuart Fischer from New York explained, “Normally, people don’t pass away directly from prostate cancer. There are medications, like anti-testosterone drugs, that can help prevent the cancer from spreading.”

Dr. Fischer also mentioned, “If the cancer has spread to places like the lung and liver, it’s challenging to treat. If that’s true, he might only have a few years left to live, if he’s fortunate.”

Another doctor, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, told Radar that they likely discovered the cancer while examining King Charles using a sonogram, CT scan, or MRI.

“When cancer spreads to other organs, typically people don’t survive more than five years,” Mirkin said.

We wish King Charles a speedy recovery!

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