The doctor notices something very special when the mother has quadruplets but no fertility.

Marr went to her first OB appointment just over 10 weeks into her pregnancy. Murray applied the gel to Marr, who was still a young child, while her husband was seated next to her.

“When Dr. Murray began performing the sonogram, he suddenly gave us a funny look and turned the screen away from us,” Jenny Marr stated. The heartbeats had me thinking that something was wrong right away. I assured him that it was fine and that he could inform me of any issues.

Murray responded, “Oh no, there is definitely a heartbeat. “There are actually three children.”
Murray flipped the camera over to the couple. According to Jenny Marr, Chris Marr passed out at that point and had a ghostly white face.
After about six minutes of shock and silence, both expecting parents began to cry.

Although it sounds awful, I’m not sure if it was a tear of joy. Chris Marr stated, “We were completely shocked and frankly horrified.”

Jenny Marr stated, “The news was a complete shock the fact that we had no medical procedures and none of our family had multiples.”
However, they were also taken aback.

Marrs went to see Brian Rinehart, a high-risk pregnancy specialist at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas who specializes in maternal-fetal medicine. A week later, after the Marrs had some time to process the new reality of having three babies instead of one, they went to see him.

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