The Devoted Father Makes The Decision to Raise The Child Alone Because The Mother did Not Want To Raise the Child with Down Syndrome.

In Russia’s a 33-year-old single father Yevgeni Anisimov wants to demonstrate to the world how remarkable and one-of-a-kind people with Down syndrome are.

“I’m afraid your baby has Down syndrome,” the doctor told them when their son was born.

Because of his son’s diagnosis, his wife decided to leave, leaving him to raise his son on his own.

The father remarked, When I learned about the Down syndrome hypothesis, I didn’t know what to do. Because I believed that my wife’s situation was getting worse, I assumed it was my responsibility to shield her from emotions and thoughts and to provide support.

The analysis results were promised to be available in a few days, so I decided not to tell her anything until then.

He went on to say: When I found out that my son had Down syndrome, I remember leaving the hospital crying briefly. I later felt a little guilty about those tears. After all, my life as a whole has remained unchanged.

“My professional knowledge was absent, and I was still two on my hands and two legs. Everything I had—determination, activity, curiosity, etc. was with me. Everything went according to plan, and a son was born. However, the child is unique, and his life and future are already significant. Also, I’m yelling here! That is some egotism! Isn’t that just? No, it is mine to take care of. You did not have an amniocentesis, despite the fact that the odds were low. You assumed parental responsibility because you desired a child.

There are numerous options: I later learned that Down’s syndrome is not the worst among autism, stroke, and genetic mutations.

Jevgeni started some research into Down syndrome.

He stated, “I learned that people with Down syndrome in Europe are very social and can live and work independently. “However, it had no effect on the choice I had already made.”

Yevgeny couldn’t leave his son, and his wife, regrettably, didn’t feel the same way.

He stated, “I never thought about leaving my son in an orphanage because that would be cruel. “After their split, Yevgeny raised Misha on his own.

He elaborated: He inquires of the outside world when a child is born: is this the right place for me? And I firmly respond: Son, we need you! Even being by yourself with him is normal. I emphasize that I’m acting as a normal man; I’m not a hero.


Evegny will likely bring issues to light of Down disorder so different guardians don’t feel that debilitated kids are a weight.


“I want all the articles that are now published about Mishka and me to convey this idea to society and encourage it,” he said. I also want to encourage and support others who are or will be in a similar situation by leading by example. I try to get in touch with people who are close by and far away. I hope that people who are struggling like we are will read about us. Have no fear! It will all be fine!”


Evegny has Misha as his son, and he is an inspirational person.


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