The beauty of the soul is the greatest

You may remember a beautiful face for a few days, but you will remember a beautiful soul forever.

Beauty isn’t only about physical looks; it’s about what comes out from the soul, our actions, and our heart.

It’s always easy to forget the beautiful clothes people wore, their charming smiles, but their actions and how they made you feel will never be forgotten.

I knew about a man who always promised himself he was going to marry the most beautiful woman on earth and when he found her he didn’t hold back, but the marriage never lasted beyond three months.

He was charmed by her beauty and he worshipped the grounds she walked on, but her soul wasn’t as beautiful as she looks.

She had house helps, at her beck and call and her husband made sure she never had any reason to stress herself.

Their marriage started crumbling when the wife poured a hot coffee over an employee because she didn’t set her bath on time.

The husband was perplexed at such attitude and even when he tried to reprimand her she said they owe her their life and it shouldn’t be something they should be worried about.

The house which always seemed to be a happy one soon turned into a graveyard and one by one all the help turned in their resignation letter and left.

The one who broke Carmel’s back was when she didn’t let her mother-in-law come into the house simply because she didn’t inform her before coming.

The man knew he has married the darkest soul in the world and then he realized that beauty isn’t about having great looks.

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