I Can’t Be Weak, I learnt From The Best

I remember when I was a child, and I thought my mom was wonder woman and I wa right. I grew up watching her overcome every obstacle that life threw at her. She never backed down from any of life’s challenges. When other people are buckling under the weight of the pressure of raising kids and making ends meet, my mother powered through. She was always strong and driven.

It seemed like there was no weakness in her. She never broke down in front of us. Now that I am grown up, I know she used to cry herself to bed most nights because she was carrying a lot of responsibilities. Yet, each morning, she was up ready to face the day. She didn’t let the weight of her problems get in the way of her raising amazing children. My mother is resilient and tough. She never shied away from tough decisions or jobs. Her goal was to give us the best life possible, and she did. Life can be tough, and even more so for a single mom, but my mum was one tough cookie. She didn’t give up at any point in time. It didn’t matter what it was; she was always there. Despite having to work to make ends meet, she still showed up for school and extracurricular activities. We never felt cheated because we had only one parent. She was more than two parents. She did her best to give us everything we could ever need, and she was still there for every event. Today, when people comment on my strength and resilience, I smile. There is no way I can be weak when I learnt from the best. Seeing my mother makes the most of all the challenges life threw at her made me resolve to be strong. I am the person I am today because of my mother. I saw her wake up every morning to take on the day’s work. She never showed any sign of weakness, even when things were very tough. She would put on a bright smile and a positive attitude and go about her day winning. This formed me and built me into the strong woman I am today. I cannot be weak because it is not in me. I grew up watching my mom being strong. I don’t know what it means to back down from a challenge, and this has been my motivation. Whenever I meet a challenge I am unable to handle, I remember how my mom will power through. She will sit down and break down the obstacles into bits and pieces. She will pull up the worst-case scenario and deal with it mentally before proceeding to face the problem. I apply all of these principles in my life, and that’s why I cannot be weak. I learnt from the best. My mom is the best teacher I could ever ask for, and I am grateful for the experience I have with her.


  1. Good for you! I hope your kids…and theirs…live close to you! Arizona is a great place to live. My husband and I loved going there in the winters. I couldn’t go back after he passed. ..

  2. Thank you for the heart felt things that you quoted here in the text. I have ALWAYS loved you regardless, but I love yo see the woman that you have become. “Through Christ that strengthened you.”❤️

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