Sometimes you have to sit back watch and observe

Sometimes you have to sit back watch and observe; people will show you who they are without you saying a word.

Actions speak louder than words and most times actions display people’s true intentions more than their words do.

I have saved myself a lot of heartbreak by not trusting so hard; I always have it at the back f mind that someday you will be like everyone us; people that hurt me in the past when I was still vulnerable; I wasn’t so surprised when it happened but what more can I say.

People can promise you loyalty unrequited love and care but how many people fulfill their words in the end; this is why it’s always better to observe and watch their actions instead of believing in their words.

My life is like a fairytale; the only difference is that I don’t see myself having a happy ending.

I once had a best friend whom I so much loved but I couldn’t gamble with my trust again because of many times I have been stabbed in the back.

Along the way, I found out he was asking my girlfriend of years out‚ someone I told him I would be proposing soon.

When I confronted him he told me he has always hated me that our friendship was a sham; I was the least surprised.

I knew people will always show their true selves; it’s only a matter of time before their true self starts showing.

Always believe in their actions more than words because their actions show their true intentions more than their words.

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