Some People won’t show you the same love you have showed them

While growing up’ I had one major fear; it was not being loved by people I hold so much dear to my heart.

I thought everyone was like me and should show the amount of love I give them.

My life hasn’t been all rosy and sweet but that was never my nightmare; it was the feeling of rejection. When it finally came, I felt so broken and empty.

How can people be so inconsiderate and selfish? Rejection is the saddest thing that can happen to someone as it’s deliberately. You feel so little and probably the ugliest person on earth.

The most painful of being with her as I thought I have won her over not knowing I was being used. Who could believe that after all the numerous dates, the trips to different parts of the world and even being with her at the death bed of her mother, she could still leave me? Being the master planner of the burial and footed everything that came with it; that I was still going to be rejected.

She was the only child and her father was far late before her mother followed suit. I became the sibling she ever wanted and her greatest company. I showed her so much love and care more than anyone ever showed her. I never rushed asking her out until I was sure she was comfortable around me.

I thought she was joking when I proposed to her and she said no. She told me to my face that she has someone else she wants to get married to. I guess I have been fooling myself all these while. I thought we were both in love with each other and would go any length for me too; I guess it was all a wish. People will never love you like you love them.


  1. You’re not foolish.. though I would feel terrible too. I’m so sorry this happened.. Maybe take a step back and let your inner awareness tell you what you need to know.
    You’ll meet the right one in time.

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