Some people should use a glue stick instead of chapstick

One of the greatest influencers in life is our peers. Many times, without being aware of it; they influence in ways we can never tell.

I was never someone to pay attention to God or my studies. I had the richest parents, so my life was already planned out; I knew with or without school I was bound to be successful too.

I didn’t write the tertiary school exams, but my name was on the merit list of admitted students; I didn’t have to read or work for anything.

The only reason I opted to be in school was just for the fun of it. I chose to be in the school hostel aside my penthouse which was built within the school premises; I wanted to intimidate those I can, and to have fun with the looks on their faces.

I only went for lectures when the weather was good for me or I felt the need to showcase what I have got. At the end of every semester, I always have the best grades, and no one dares questions how I got there.

I continued that way until I met a lady who changed me. I was usually a pompous type, and everyone worshipped me, but there was this particular girl I have noticed that never bow to me or get intimidated by my looks.

I planned to make her be like others, but she was having none of it; she was the only one to ever stand up at me. Along the way we became friends, and she was the total opposite of me. She loved God, read her books, went to class, and was perfect.

I learned a lot of things, and I knew that all I had was vanity; I decided to change for the better.

Beware of the company you keep around you because they can always change you for the better or the bad.

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