Show a little kindness

There are a lot of people who just need a little kindness today, people who are hurt, lonely.

Your kindness may be the only kindness they see today, show a little kindness.

I have been at my lowest, a point where I was tired of fighting to exist, to feel alive; I wanted to give in to darkness maybe I was going to find solace in them.

Life wasn’t so fair and each moment seems like torment and I often wondered when it was ever going to end.

I was tired and all I ever wanted was someone to hold my hands and tell me it’s going to be alright, but it never happened.

All I got were backlashes, betrayal, and hurt; I often wondered if I was the cause of my misfortunes or people were just mean.

I lost my parents at an early age and had to start living with my uncle, a place that became hell for me.

I was reminded every day that I was an orphan and I was not properly fed and had to do all the work in the house.

Life continued that way until I turned twelve and wasn’t still in school, because my guardians said that I was a blockhead and it would be a waste sending me to school, little did they know that their neighbor who was a school teacher always tutored me in their absence.

He encouraged me to seat for the secondary school entrance exam and I performed wonderfully. He took it upon himself to report my guardians to the social workers and he was granted full access to me.

I got a family at last and someone took it upon himself to send me to school, I can never repay such kindness for sure, but all I know is that I will surely never leave him for the rest of my life.

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