She Lived on the Streets and Survived by Scavenging for Food from the Garbage Cans.

Loni Willison, a former fitness instructor and model, was discovered looking through trash cans in Los Angeles, California.

For some time now, Jeremy Jackson’s ex-wife has been living on the streets.

On camera, Loni Willison was seen rummaging and pushing a cart full of clothes and blankets through Venice Beach’s streets.

The ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson is now dirty, short-haired, and no longer looks like the blonde, slim diva she once did.


With the separation of the popular entertainer in 2014, the downfall of the previous model and health specialist started. She appeared depressed and unable to recover from the breakup. The woman struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and lost both her home and her job.


Friends allegedly refused to assist Loni Willison “Jeremy didn’t hear anything from me. I do not desire to converse with my friends, I’m okay.”

“I am not seeking assistance. I can take care of myself. I have everything I require here. I don’t want to see them because it seems like no one is interested in me.”

“I have food and a bed, but I don’t have a phone. I search bins and shopping areas for food.” In October of last year, she declared, “There’s a lot to be sure of.”


Loni went back to the streets after an old friend offered to help her and a rehabilitation specialist gave her free therapy worth $90,000; however, she was last seen in October 2020.

This year, she was seen once more in Santa Monica. Similarly, a water figure with slippers on the ground, hat up, and a pair of cloaks on.

In an interview with The Sun, she stated that since the divorce, she has not spoken to her ex-husband, and she does not want to talk to anyone because no one cares about her.

“Jeremy didn’t hear anything from me. As long as I don’t talk to my friends, I’m fine. I am not seeking assistance.”

According to the Sun Loni Willison stated, “I can live on my own. I have everything I require here, Nobody cares about me, I don’t want to see them, and they don’t want to see me.”

After Loni Willison divorced Jackson in 2014, she was evicted from her rental apartment, lost her job, and had no one to support her. In 2018, she ended up on the streets.

Additionally, she struggled with mental health issues. Before she was fired and became a real estate agent, she was a nurse at a Los Angeles plastic surgery center.

Additionally, his boss’ refusal to pay her caused to lose her job. As per the Everyday Mail, Loni is dependent on methamphetamine.

Loni ended their relationship after claiming that her husband had strangled her. “I had an extraordinary spot to live.”

“At that point, I ended my relationship with Jeremy. I never interacted with him. He was standing in front of my apartment the first time I was tortured.”

“When I saw him, he was talking on the phone, and then he vanished right away. He simply vanished.” Loni stated in an interview with the international press.

Loni Willison claims that she has a difficult life on the streets and is frequently robbed.

“Someone robs me. I always get taken advantage of. My possessions are taken from me. People on the street are all around you and will do anything for you to survive; if they see something that helps them, they steal it.” also noted the previous model.

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