She doesn’t think much of it until the police see a picture of the school bus driver holding the boy’s hand.

Any child can feel the pain of being separated from their parents. Consequently, going to school for many children is a shock in and of itself, particularly as they adjust to their new life.

As he got ready to start school, Axel Johnson seemed excited. He smiled when his mother Amy took a picture of him waiting for the school bus.

However, when the time came for him to board, his face changed and he was close to crying. When he had to leave his mother, little Axel wasn’t as tough as he thought.


Isabel Lane, the bus driver, noticed that Axel’s face changed from happy to sad. However, she made the decision to persuade him that it is not risky to ride the bus and attend school with a group of students his age. Axel took Isabel’s hand as he sat down on the seat behind her. Amy was able to capture the sweet moment.

Isabel demonstrated that she was more than just a driver by expressing concern for the well-being of the children. Even if Axel’s mother was not on the bus with him, she wanted him to know that he could always rely on her. Her actions reassuringly reassured the young man in fear.


Amy found the photo of her son and the bus driver fascinating, so she decided to share it on Facebook. She knew that people would appreciate it, but she had no idea that so many people would praise it.

The picture was shared by the local police station, and more than 2,000 people liked it.


She was surprised by Isabel’s compliments. “At first, I didn’t think it was too much of a concern.”I think that’s something I would do,” she stated.


But it was an extraordinary event. Axel was no longer afraid the following day because he knew he had a friend Izabela. He was bright and excited to begin a new journey.

Axel looks forward to each new school day, largely due to Izabela.

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