Shannen Doherty shares a saddening update about her battle with cancer.

Shannen Doherty continues to embody strength and bravery. Recently, the former Beverly Hills 90210 actress spoke openly about her ongoing fight against cancer, providing an update on her health to her supporters. Regrettably, she conveyed some heartbreaking information.

Doherty’s advanced breast cancer, classified as stage four, metastasized to her brain.

Although she successfully conquered cancer in the past, she received a new diagnosis in February 2019. Since then, she chronicles her experience and candidly discusses the difficulties that come with living with cancer.

Last Tuesday, Doherty shared a video on her Instagram where she can be seen undergoing treatment, her eyes welling up with tears. The video’s caption started with “January 12, 2023.”

“In my CT scan on January 5th, brain metastases were detected. The video from yesterday showcased the preparation for the radiation mask to be worn during brain radiation,” the caption explains. “January 12 marked the commencement of the initial round of radiation.”

“It’s clear that my fear is palpable. Dealing with intense claustrophobia and managing a flurry of life events,” expressed Doherty, aged 52. “I’m lucky to have exceptional physicians like Dr. Amin (Mirhadi) and the incredible technicians at Cedar Sinai. Nevertheless, that fear… the inner turmoil… coupled with the timing’s complexity… This is an illustration of the face of cancer.”

The day prior, she uploaded an older video from January, capturing the moment she was being measured for a thermoplastic mask that enveloped her face and neck.

In a separate video from January 16, the actress remarks, “January 16, 2023. Surgical procedure. I had a head tumor that needed removal and biopsy.”

Subsequently, her off-camera conversation with a likely nurse, inspecting her limbs and outlining the post-operative experience, could be heard.

“I’m evidently attempting to display courage, yet I’m absolutely terrified,” conveyed Doherty. “The fear was utterly overpowering. Frightened by the spectrum of potential negative results, anxious about the repercussions for my mother and how it would affect her. Anxious that post-surgery, I might not feel like myself anymore.”

Doherty’s close companions expressed their backing and shared uplifting sentiments.

Director Kevin Smith conveyed a sincere message, referring to her as his “incomparable friend.” “Cheering for you, my irreplaceable friend. You’ve shown unwavering courage throughout your entire life, so feeling a bit scared occasionally is natural. But once those moments subside, let your unyielding Doherty spirit resurge. I hold so much love for you, my Mallrat,” he expressed.

Selma Blair hoped for Shannen Doherty to discover a sense of “calm wisdom” during her struggle with cancer. Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the individuals who expressed solidarity with the Charmed star.

Doherty, in turn, shared a collection of images from her friends, including Gellar, and expressed gratitude for their substantial backing. In a prior post, she described her mother as “a guiding light, an infinite source of encouragement and affection, and one of my cherished individuals.”

After her initial diagnosis in 2015, Doherty filed a lawsuit against her former manager, alleging that they failed to provide health insurance, resulting in a delay in her breast cancer diagnosis by doctors. Subsequently, it came to light that she had come to a resolution through a settlement.

We genuinely wish for Shannen Doherty to emerge victorious in her fight against cancer.

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