Giving second chances have never been a problem for me

Giving second chances has never been a problem for me. I tend to give about seven or eight before I realize I’m an idiot.

I am a carefree person, and I was really naive before I learned the hard way. I was never a meticulous person, or ever cared to listen to details; I just loved being happy and that was all that matters to me.

I was an innocent, fragile girl, and never knew the world was mean and wicked. I was clumsy and weak, never imagined it could be used against me.

I trust easily and love so much, and was willing to go any far for anyone I call a friend. Many of the people I called friends always used that against me, and I was blind to notice.

I was stolen from, lied to, and still treated like trash, and at the end I still let them be my friend.  The cycle repeated many times, because I was scared of being alone, and having no friend.

It all started making sense to me when they stopped caring about me, and their friends will always laugh at me when I pass. My classmates said I was an idiot, and can’t see when people are true.

When I confronted them, they started playing emotional blackmail on me, I was forced to believe them, until they did the unpardonable, selling off my most treasured bracelet.

I told them I didn’t want their friendship any longer then they spilled the beans. I was their only ladder to money, and that was the only reason they decided to be close to me, and they were never my friends.

I became careful of whoever decided to be close to me, I learned it the hard way, and I won’t ever let anyone treat me like trash.


  1. What’s more redeeming than receiving a second chance to improve ourselves than to give someone the opportunity to receive a good improvement in life?

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