Salma Hayek’s outfit was a disappointment for her fans, but at least she wasn’t totally naked!

This is so embarrassing in front of everyone!

Salma Hayek wore a see-through dress that revealed her black underwear, and it seemed like she forgot her age!

People often wonder how she stays beautiful and attractive as she gets older.

Salma Hayek’s fans are always amazed by how she stays young and healthy as she gets older.

Salma is one of the famous people in the entertainment world who often wears daring and revealing outfits that surprise the public. Her choice of clothes is bold, somewhat revealing, and sometimes a bit provocative.

The fans had many questions when she came to the premiere in a totally see-through mesh dress. The dress showed off her beautiful body, and it barely covered anything.

The mesh dress had flowers printed on it. It seemed like it was close to being too revealing.

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