Rose for Loved One who are in heaven this Easter 🐰

Losing someone we love is never easy, especially during the holidays. We often find ourselves reminiscing of times passed when our loved ones were still here with us.

The first years are the hardest, you see their empty chain and your soul aches for them to be here again. I have always found when I’m missing a loved one, I like to share stories of happy times together. Memories are always special, and are so important to keep memories alive for the children.

If they’ve lost a parent, an aunt, a grandparent or a close friend, talking about them truly helps ease the pain and keeps good memories and precious moments close to their heart.

Haapy Easter

Sometimes during holiday time, we feel we don’t have the strength to make it through. These feelings are normal, you’ve lost a significant piece of your heart. Don’t push yourself, but also don’t isolate yourself from others. Everyone heals in their own time.

Take all the time you need to grieve. Remember, you are not alone. God is comforting you during these trying times and you will make it through.

Easter in Heaven

I send this Easter egg with a hug and a kiss to those in Heaven that I love and miss. I’m sharing this egg inloving memory of my family and friends who have passed away, I miss you, I think about you, I will never forget you. Gone but not forgotten.


    1. To my darling daughter Joanne and my mum and dad and all my grandparents and all the rest of the family Circle how is in heaven I miss use all so very dearly my heart aches I wish you could be here but I know that you would not want to be here with a this virus going on I wish you all a happy Easter in heaven all my love.xx

    2. To my mom and my daughter karrie and to both my grandpa and grandma and to the others family members i would like to wish them a happy Easter

  1. This is so wonderful and heart warming. Thank you for the inspiration and the word of God in it.

  2. Hello Conrad
    Hope you have a wonderful EASTER and EASTER Holiday!
    Your friend
    Peggy RUTH Hart
    Ardmore, Oklahoma
    Hi again
    I tried to let you know I have thought about you at least one million zillion times!

    1. Have a Heavenly Easter. Mom and Dad love and miss you so much but one day we will be together again love always. You’re daughter Terri

  3. I lost my wonderful mum January 2017 and miss her every day..She was my Mum ,Best friend,a shoulder to cry on…which I did very often….and I miss her deeplyxxx

  4. Yes it’s very hard for me since my mother is angel up in heaven she was my best friend and a special mom this is to my mom up in heaven I miss you mom I think about you every minutes of the day I love you mom hope to see one day happy Easter

  5. Thanks Delores,…… Hope all is good with you. Have a happy Easter….I love you also… Our family is dwindling Soon you and mine will be the top of the line. Seems strange to think this is true…Take care….Love and hugs

  6. miss my family lost my mom my fault and now i have to deal with my cancer alone sorry mom I Love you please forgive me pleeeeeeeease

  7. Happy Easter to ALL our Loved Ones in Heaven. We LOVE and MISS Each and every one of YOU! HUGS to ALL!

    1. I love and miss you so much Mum, Dad and brothers, Joe, Murray, Ernie, Chris, Doc and Davey xxxxxxxx

  8. Hi MaMa, I think of you all the time! I know you are with God in Heaven, looking down on Me,Mark, David, Ricky, Bubba and Timmy. And of course Tonya, Pam, and Misty! I know that I speak for all of us, we all love you MaMa, and we miss you so much!! I wanted to tell you that I hope you have a Happy Easter, and that I will bring some flowers to hang over you MaMa! I love you with all my heart and soul MaMa, and I will see you one day when God is ready for me to come home. RIP MaMa!

  9. Uncle papaw herman cupp, my momma joesphine perham, my daddy ralph perham, my kids father james king, my mother in law Shelia beglau we love all of you. I know you all are toghter and resting easy.


  11. I lost my son Gavin over 2 years I miss ever minute of day love you always you are always in my heart xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Darleen my baby. We had 19 years of your beautiful smile and face. The time goes by but you are never out of my mind. I know you were the last grandchild and you are with your grandparents love you and we will be together soon. Forever Mom

  13. Mama, we’re having some bad times right now and wish I had you to talk to. Mama it’s been 19 years since you left me. I miss you, daddy, Dale, Bud, Richard and my Two sisters, whom I never had the chance to meet. Mama, I know we didn’t always see eye to eye, but that doesn’t stop me from missing you. I pray that all my family who have gone on before me is in heaven and celebrating a glorious Easter season. I love and miss you terribly.

  14. We had three funerals in a week this year. Two very close friends and my beloved sister. They were all very much a Christian and I have a lot of consolation knowing they are with Jesus,. What better place could you be.

  15. I know it’s been only since January of this but mom I miss you so much. There are days I just want curl up in a ball and just cry . I love you and miss u so much happy Easter.

  16. I am really missing my mom, dad, daughter, brother, sisters, and my ex-husband. I pray they are all resting in peace.

  17. I miss my mom every second of every day. It’s been 4 years and it seems like yesterday. God I miss her so and my heart aches

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