Respect the old when you are young

Respect the old when you are young. Help the weak, when you are strong. Confess your fault when you are wrong because one-day in life you will be old, weak, and wrong.

Whatever we do in life always bear in mind that tables turn. You can not be so young forever, tomorrow you will get old and whatever you did when you are younger will reflect at your old age.

Help the old, because old age will surely get to you. A time shall come when you won’t have so much strength as you do now, a time shall come when you will need the help of a young person to move a step and help your needs.

You won’t be strong forever, help the old and week so that when it gets to you, someone will help you too.

Karma is so real and honest, that it serves everyone just what they prepared.

Respect people

Respect people so that you will be respected and treated before. Always try to be conscious of your actions and how you treat others because tomorrow they might be in a better position to help you.

I never knew tables truly turn until it was late. I was inconsiderate and treated my house help like a dog.

I never for once gave her reasons to explain herself and beat her up at every instance. 

She later left my house and decided to start living her life. I located her and mocked her telling her she wasn’t going to be anything better.

A few years after, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and it was at the terminal stage and needed an operation. I couldn’t fly outside the country because of my health status so I was referred to the best hospital in town.

Luckily I had a successful surgery and requested to see the doctor who treated me, lo and behold it was my house help. I couldn’t look at her because of shame and I knew I didn’t deserve her help, but she still did help me.

She was in a position to take my life even after all I had done to her, but she gave me another chance to be a better person.

Treat people fairly because you might be in their shoes tomorrow.


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