Respect every one

Decision and actions we take today can affect us and our future goals.

How we treat people will be also how we will be treated.

In previous years, women have been tagged as the weakest and most vulnerable creatures.

When a girl child is born, she starts early to carter for her needs because she is a female and has a lot of responsibilities.

When the girl matures, she’s still abused by her parents. She is forced into early marriage because it is believed she isn’t meant to be in her parent’s house.

I have seen men say that the only duty of a woman is to make babies and work in the kitchen.   

Women work as mothers, teachers, wives, sisters, and as helpers. They are meant to be loved, cared for, and appreciated.

Still whom much is given, much is expected. Respect is reciprocal. Just like karma, you receive what you give out.

Respect is something that depends on personalities. It’s not gender-dependent.

Respect can be found in men and women as well as disrespect. People have right over their actions and every attitude they portray. It all depends on you and what you choose to be.

There are still saucy ladies and men at the same time. It’s not in their nature to appreciate people and they believe it’s just right.

There are still females that use the word ‘’thank you’’ upon every gesture or help rendered. It all depends on individuals and their personal traits.


  1. I do say, “Thank you”, when a man or another woman or child opens the door for me—always and without exception. When I see a man, or a woman, with an arm load of packages or whatever, I’ll open the door for him or her. I’ve always been acknowledged by men for it, less so by women. It’s the right thing to do, both helping another person and expressing thanks for a hand.

    1. My farther was a feminist and a leave the earth better than you find it kind of guy. He met my mother as he was coaching a softball team she and his sister were playing for. In his mind as was my mind it was treat others as you like to be treated. I have no problem thanking someone who opens a door for me, and I often open one for them. It has nothing to do with sex, or gender. Only respect and politeness.

  2. Don’t know what a dor is. But, When someone holds the door for me, I definitely say thank you! And educate people when they don’t thank me when I hold one open.

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