Respect any man who can heal a heart

The only time one called be a called a hero and God-sent is when he does things people take as normal.

Respect any man who can heal a heart; it never broke; it is the purest form of love and humanity.

I have seen people who never conquered heart-break. They became a shadow of themselves and never giving love a chance. Love is beautiful when it is with the right person. Falling into the wrong hands and make you think true love never exists.  

I never believed in true love until I got married. The man I married was the complete opposite of my ex. Who only took turns body shaming. I felt I could endure, and someday he will see how much I loved him.

My ex never for once took me on dates, and even when I initiated one, he refused. He never allowed me to go places. He stopped me from going for friends’ birthday parties; I felt he loved me and didn’t want some guys out there, taking me away from him.

I disobeyed him once and attended a party. I caught him making out with my best friend; later on, I heard they had been together for months, and he was toying with me.

I promised myself not ever to love again. I felt some individuals are never created to find love. I shut everyone that ever declared interest in me out.

The love of my life changed everything. He was there each step I took towards getting better and giving love a chance again. He settled my therapeutic bills. I respect him so much because he healed my heart.