Real Women

One of the most intriguing questions we always ask has always been what a lady wants in a man? This question has driven many wild while trying to unravel the mystery of what ladies wish for and how they will like to be handled?

Some people believe that all a lady wants is money and nothing else. Some even say that once you offer any girl money, she is already yours. Well, this is partially true.

Some would also argue that once you are nice looking, drop gorgeous, and have a charming accent that no girl in the entire world would be beyond your reach because ladies would always want to associate with unrivaled gorgeousness. This is also true in some ways.

Well, it has come to my notice that ladies who ask or seek for the above are still girls. A real woman doesn’t ask or request for any of the above. All she wants from a man she loves are three valuable things that would make her life better.

A real woman would want you to spend time with her because she knows in as much money is good, time spent with someone you love can’t be replaced with money. A real woman knows that whoever you spend time with is who you value.

A real woman would want you to tell her the truth every time of the day rather than comfort her with a lie cause she can swallow the bitter pill called the truth. 

A real woman would want your attention more than anything else; she wants you to make her your number one priority. She wants to be the one you have your eyes fixed on when you are going out with her and your friends.

A real woman will never settle for less or material things. 

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