Real friends love you for who you are

Real friends don’t care when you are broke, what you weigh, if your house is a mess, what you drive, about your past, or if your family is filled with crazy people.

Real friend’s love

In a world filled with different characters; it’s always hard to find a true friend, someone who loves you unconditionally.

When I lost my job, I lost everything I ever had; even friends I called family.

I noticed it was a parasitic relationship; I was always the provider and that’s what kept them around.

I was bedridden for months and during my stay in the hospital; I noticed that the ones I could go miles for never graced the hospital even for once.

Many thought I would never survive the accident and even if I did I would remain crippled for life, and in their words what a crippled offer, she will be nothing other than a responsibility we would have to deal with.

Few stayed back and continued coming, but when they got to know I was relieved of my duties as the managing director of the company they all fled.

Only one person stood by me and even when I complained about going bankrupt, he never stopped caring and even at some points paid the bills.

Real-life situations expose both fake and real people, and somehow I appreciate whatever happened to me as it showed me who my real friends were.

They left not knowing that the company I worked for was my family’s, and then I was the only heir. Thank God I kept my private life affairs from them, either way, they never asked because all they cared for was the gains.

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