Put God in everything

Be happy with what you have while working for what you want because at the end you might never get that which you want.

Always remember that happy and successful life begins with God and ends with God, we can never go far when we neglect the presence of God in our life.

Immediately after secondary school, I wrote exams to study medicine in one of the prestigious universities in the country.

I was intelligent and I didn’t have to worry about being admitted because I knew my capabilities and I was surely going to be on the merit admission list of the school.

Few months after when the list was released my name wasn’t among the admitted students upon scoring high in the said exams.

I was sad, but somehow I still hoped that in the following lists that were going to be released, my name was going to be included, but it never happened.

I gave up in the fourth time and decided to opt for biology education when medicine wasn’t coming forth and I was already teaching in a primary school close to my home.

My name came out in the first list and I graduated after four years, went for my master’s and I’m currently lecturing in a prestigious university.

How my life got here is what I can’t explain, but all I can say is that studying medicine wasn’t God’s plan for me.

I was a careless person and maybe if I got that medicine I could have landed myself in jail due to one error or the other.

I didn’t consult God to know the Great plans he had for me and now I can see the great trouble he saved me from.

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