Prior to Summer, A Mother gives a warning on the color of children’s swim wear.

Summer is almost approaching, so it’s time to consider the safety of the water.

One Mother is advising parents to think carefully before buying their kids matching bathing suits.

“Never purchase the blue swimming suits!”

Florida based a swim Teacher and Mother of two Nikki Scarnati posted her justification on TikTok, where video quickly gained popularity.

In the video, A 32 years old Scarnati clothed her 2 years old daughter Claire in a blue bathing suit, explaining that it was “not a regular bathing suit” Claire wore.

“I purchased it on sale just for this picture for parents who wished to learn, she said.”

Claire was pictured swimming in the water while wearing a blue swim suit by swim teacher Scarnati, who works with kids between the ages of 6 months and 6 years old.

She said, “Look how hard it to see her underneath the water—and this is in calm water.”

Claire’s head and her blonde hair were all that could be seen clearly.

The same thing occurred when she moved her daughter toward the sun. The swimming suit sank into the water and disappeared.

“This is not happening among many other children who are playing, swimming about, and having fun. Even in the sunlight, observe how hard to see her in that swim suit because it is the same color as the surrounding area.”

She thought the practice was common since while she was growing up, her mother had clothed her and her other siblings in bright colors to help her keep track of them.

Scarnati, however, claimed that after becoming a teacher, she discovered that not many people were aware of the benefits of dressing kids in vibrant colors.

“The problem with blue bathing suits in swimming pools and open water is somewhat well known among professionals in the field. Therefore, it was just one of the many topics I could teach parents about and it would actually apply to everyone.” she told Good Morning America.

“Blues are an extremely prevalent color for bathing suits, and I think that [fuels] the frustration for a lot of professionals who work with children, particularly in a pool setting.”

Scarnati advises parents to buy swimsuits in colors that “are going to stand out in the environment.”

At the end of the day, drowning is the No. 1 cause of death for kids under 4 and the No. 2 cause for kids from 5 to 12, so I want to provide parents as many suggestions as I can, to help them in making wiser choices. I’ll consider my duty accomplished if I can only slightly reduce the number of drowning deaths.” she remarked.

I had no idea that a bathing suit’s color may make it hard to see someone in the water.

Please alert others by spreading this crucial PSA!

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