please 2021 be easier

2020 is the saddest year of my life; I fought many silent battles wiped my tears‚ came out stronger as nothing happened; please 2021 be easier.

I was once someone who believed in fairytales; I always dreamed of a happy ending with my prince charming.

I always waited for the day he could take me to his castle and we will live happily ever after‚ but it never happened; all I got was betrayals‚ hurt and pain.

I lost everything that ever mattered to me this year and I hope that next year will be better.

My peace of mind‚ happiness and sanity was taken from me; I always loved a lonely life not until I gave myself a chance to have a companion‚ to love and be loved; I didn’t know what was coming or whichever way it was going to affect me‚ I wanted to get a life.

I was in love and paid deaf ears to any criticism; I trusted him with my life and never expected less‚ but in the end, I saw all I have built crumble.

I made a lot of wrong decisions; I have a heap of regrets and hurts I never mentioned to anyone.

2020 might have been a bad year‚ but it gave me reasons to do better and never to let my guards down. It showed me people I shouldn’t be with and a better way of seeing life.

2020 made me wiser amidst the pains and disappointments; I pray for 2021 to be better.

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