Pierce Brosnan always supports his wife, Keely, in their marriage.

Lots of couples in Hollywood don’t stay together for a long time.

Living in the spotlight with everyone watching and criticizing on social media must be tough.

Pierce Brosnan is famous for being charming in movies and acting alongside many beautiful actresses. People often think of him as a ladies’ man. However, in real life, he is very dedicated to his family and wife.

Pierce Brosnan’s relationship with his wife Keely Shaye Smith is something we can admire.

Even after being together for over 25 years, they still deeply love each other. Their marriage proves that real love lasts, no matter fame, age, or how our bodies change.

Pierce and Keely have been close friends, partners, and in love for nearly 30 years. They started dating in 1994 and got married seven years later after meeting at a bar in Mexico.

Keely met Pierce while interviewing Ted Danson but ended up hitting it off with Pierce instead.

Their first date was like a scene from a romantic movie. Keely says they sat together under the stars, holding hands while fireworks lit up the sky, and Kenny Loggins was singing. They talked until very late at night, around 3 am.

Keely said in 2001 that Pierce was very charming.

He was tall, dark, and handsome, which many people find attractive. He had a playful look in his eyes that caught her attention. She was really impressed.

Pierce knew right away that Keely was very special to him.

“I adore her energy and enthusiasm. She has a strong presence that I can’t imagine living without. When Keely looks at me, I feel so happy,” he said.

Pierce and Keely had a lovely wedding in Ireland in 2001.

Originally, they planned to get married in 2000, but Pierce’s 16-year-old son had a car accident in the USA, causing a spinal injury. Because of this, Pierce decided to delay the wedding.

Eventually, Pierce and Keely had their perfect wedding at Ashford Castle, a beautiful Irish castle from the 13th century. They invited 120 loved ones to the magical venue, and Pierce arranged tight security to keep the media and others out.

They have two sons and both care deeply about nature, striving to stop whaling and protect marine life in our oceans.

Pierce and Keely were clearly meant for each other – their two sons were born shortly after they began dating.

Since then, Keely has worked hard in her own career while also being a wonderful mother to their children. She has also lovingly cared for Pierce’s children from his previous marriage to Cassandra Harris, who passed away from cancer in 1991.

Keely Shaye Smith’s weight was talked about a lot in gossip magazines.

Before meeting Pierce, she worked as a model and actress. It’s clear she gained some weight over the years, but that’s normal as people age. Some reports suggest she might have had thyroid issues, but many still find her very beautiful.

Unfortunately, Keely often faces mean comments from online bullies about her appearance changes. However, Pierce, the actor known for playing OO7, still deeply loves his wife Keely. He describes her as passionate and says she makes him feel very happy.

Pierce also expressed that he feels incredibly lucky to have found such a wonderful woman in Keely and believes he couldn’t find anyone better even if he searched a million times.

Some magazines guessed that Keely gained around 70 pounds after marrying Pierce. These guesses made some people wonder if Pierce would leave her. However, there have been no rumors of them cheating, and they are often seen in public being affectionate.

Dealing with mean comments about Keely’s appearance isn’t easy, but Pierce always supports her. He frequently shows his love for her in public, proving how much he cares for Keely.

It’s nice to see a woman in Hollywood who doesn’t rely on surgery to appear younger. Keely appears to be self-assured, and Pierce loves her just the way she is.

As time has gone by, both Pierce and Keely have aged physically, but their love, respect, and fondness for each other haven’t changed.

They don’t hide their affection for each other. Pierce and Kelly often share their love on social media, especially on Instagram.

For instance, in 2021, Brosnan posted a sweet message on Instagram to celebrate his wife’s 58th birthday:

Nowadays, many things focus on looks and possessions. That’s why it’s nice to see how Pierce and Keely’s love is lasting and genuine.

During his successful career, Brosnan often brought his wife with him to his movie sets so they could spend more time together.

“Wherever I traveled, I missed her, and I’d send her tickets to join me so we could be together. It just felt right,” he remembers.

Pierce Brosnan recently completed his role as Dr. Fate in the sci-fi movie “Black Adam.” He plays a superhero and wizard in the DC Universe.

Even though he was playing a character, the 69-year-old actor kept some personal touches. He wore his wedding ring and a watch given to him by his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, many years ago.

In an interview, he said, “This is our wedding ring, and this watch was a gift from Keely many years ago. It has an inscription that says, ‘Time flies on love’s wings.’” He also explained, “I chose to wear them for this role because it felt right.”

He felt it was fitting for his character since the character also had a wife. Brosnan decided to keep these personal items on during filming. He mentioned, “The character has lived for a long time and is one of the strongest sorcerers in the DC comic world. He even had a wife named Enza, who was said to be even more powerful than him.”

His wife was very happy about the nice gesture her husband made in his latest movie. She said, “I love that he kept those symbols, taking them into the world of superheroes.”

I enjoy seeing Pierce Brosnan and his wife together and hope they have many more happy years ahead. They are a great example for everyone.

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