People will provoke you

We live in a world, wherein ever tussle or issue everyone plays the rule of a victim. I have seen people actually offend their partner and still sit down on the fall crying and playing the role of the victim. 

The truth remains that we as human, always hate to agree that we are at fault in any issue. Due to this fact, we all play the easy role of the victim because it takes a lot to agree that you are the one who is wrong.

I have seen ladies that are abusive to their partner, always raining curses and punches on their husband pushing their partner to the wall and expecting them to remain absolutely calm. 

Most times these men keep calm and absorb all the abuse and still move on with their daily life with ease but we all know, that as robots have a breaking point so those everyone on earth.
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So when they keep getting pushed till they pass their breaking point and lose control over their normal self and bring up their ugly side. When this happens and the man actually hits or abuses his wife. 

We would see the same woman who actually was the reason why her partner brought up that ugly side of him play the role of the victim. She would give her own side of the story without saying a word about the days she was the one abusing the man. 

I have learned it is in the nature of man to push his fellow man to the limit and still play the victim when it happens. 


  1. We all have levels of tolerance in built in our psyche. Social conventions geberally dictate a” rational” limit.
    Once that is breached a lot greater level of mindfulness is required .

  2. The important thing is to recognize the provocation and then do whatever is necessary to disengage before responding with a violent reaction. The provocateur may continue to bait the victim for even attempting to disengage. Never mind. Do it anyway. Run. Don’t walk. Go in the other direction as far away as need be before getting to the point of losing control of oneself. Make it as clear as can be that one will do whatever is necessary to maintain self control.

    1. I have been doing my best to do what you say…which I believe to be the best possible response to the issue. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m so sorry Keanu I love you with all my heart and you are a great star people don’t provoke him he’s John wick God will not let the sword be in vain

  4. Keanu, not only from the picture but your statement. You always inspire. I’ve read your life’s story & admire beliefs. Some may find strangestrange, as a whole, I don’t like women. Because of certain behavior & the very reason above. Not only the example but being catty, gossipy, etc. I choose my female friends carefully & wisely. Few times made a mistake, they eventually show their true colors. Yes, always the victim. I think times are changing. Thank God! Would love to have one hr. to talk things that matter!☺

    1. I don’t like to lose temper but what Keanu said is true then you feel bad because you let them push you to that point it really is a shame

  5. We have all been the victim of the victim player! No pun intended. We can’t control the way we feel while being provoked,but the way we react physically to these feelings is our responsibility! Sad but true!

  6. Woman are emotional beings and men are physical beings which creates a massive misunderstanding in relationships. I found men to be ill equipped when it comes to emotional challenges and many woman abuse this fact.. Men are being attacked mentally then at their weakest woman will attack physically. This is what I have seen in my life over many years of personal research and experience.. Men are being victimized and it’s time for men to become emotionally intelligent… Woke!!

  7. I agree. I like working with women but I love working with men better. For the reasons you stated. Women can be gossipy and catty. ugh.

  8. He said people not women.People want to fight like that.Search for peace in Jesus younwill find it.He said peace i give you not as the world gives you.

  9. I think abuse is bad no matter if it comes from men or woman verbal or physical it’s wrong. No one should have to deal with that. Period. Thank you Keanu for bringing it up people don’t think about it enough.

  10. I went through very tough time in my youg adult life .Thou women are more educate now a days. I could write a book today of all the abuse I’ve been through. So men are on my back Berner. brouillard alice

  11. Many affairs of the Heart have started as We detach from either the mental and or the physical abuse. Often it leaves heartache and despair behind. Find help with Your relationship before it gets to physical or emotional detachment.

  12. Good Lord people. This article has nothing to do with Keanu Reeves. He didn’t write it, this website just stole his photo

  13. I am 65. I let this happen to me. I should have known better. I worked 27 years at my job as an accountant and I was good at it. I was going to retire on a happy note . Proud of my accomplishments. Two women drove me to the edge. I finally just left and never went back. Heart sick because it was not how I wanted to go. Long story short. I still have lots of pain and regret almost two years later.

  14. I listened to a spiritual teacher on tape who advised to address and ask the emotion what it was really saying, ‘Anger, what are you really telling me? What has brought you about?’ In objectifying it and adding rational distance it allows you to hear, ‘injustice. A serious injustice has hurt your/my soul and caused you/me deep pain.’ I realized my feeling rage once was just that, a serious injustice born of someone’s deep prejudice against women in the workplace. Behind the anger major tears – from rage/hurt which allowed me to process and craft a calm rational response later after processing the incident. Peace.

  15. totally true in some cases. I have seen it over and over again and women get away with it and its so sad and cruel cos these men are such wonderful men they go all out for their partners and they get abused physically and mentally and then when they lose it these same women are crying out for justice and the men are put in jail and have to do anger management courses while these women get of scot free so sad and evil if you ask me.

  16. It is a big problem being a male victim of physical abuse, as even holding your female partner off can be construed as being abusive. I feel for women who try to get help from the authorities and are brushed off, but men have it tough too; they can get beat up and still get arrested for abuse.

  17. You are highly intelligent and I respect your views. I hate working with women agreed, with one of your viewers ..Women can be gossipy and catty! Hate that aspect of females , I am one female that’s likes to be treated by men and women with respect and appreciated by my feminism and genuine goodness.
    Reanu, I admire you words and acting. Also saw you in concert with your band, years ago in a small hall, in Danbury ,Ct.

  18. I myself iam very much like kenu, I never had it in my heart nor mind to ever hurt anyone physically or mentally. I saw the hurt suffering and pain it caused first hand. It is seen less and needless and there is no excuse for it!….. I have seen both men and women do it to each other and women to women and men to men. It’s so ridiculous and stupid. We must realize non of us is perfect only God is and God says we are to try to be like He is. And God has never hurt anyone!…. we are evil on the inside and ulgy. If we are taught this by are parents or guardian we still do not have to be like them, we truly are who we want to be. For example if you grow up abused you don’t have to abuse others, you have eyes to see ears to hear , hearts to feel… you can see pain if you cause it, you can hear the way you talk to people and you can see the pain you cause but you can’t make a heart feel something it refuses to feel!…. you can feel ur pain, see others faults but you can’t see ur own , you can hear their cry’s but you choose to icknor it!…. you don’t have to be this way!…. you can’t say I was brought up this way!…. people who know me say who are you!?…. I say what do you mean?!…. they say you are nothing like ur family?!?….. I tell hem the truth, but who can handle the truth though the truth shall set you free! Truly!…. Iam like my father I tell them. They say but we know ur father and you are nothing like ur father!…. I tell them iam like my true father it is He whom has made me this way and they just sit mouths open in amazement!……If my father did not come to me I would have never known Him!…. Iam like my father God who said to me, pray for those who hurt you and forgive them and you too will be forgiven. I knew Him since inside my mother’s womb.I said but they are mean and evil why shall I pray for them?!…. He said because if I did not come to you , you too would be mean and evil and it is people like this who need my help!, I have come to help the sinners of this world. And so I have ever since. And I have found when Iam weak and I feel I cannot go in He causes me to be strong! I Lve my father and always try to come bey Him and do as He says because I know He knows best and it is He who teaches me!…. And I will forever Love Him!… open ur hearts take a chance, you may get hurt but who knows you may not and learn something!…

  19. The person who has never received bullying will truly appreciate kindness. A person which has received any level of bullying will always have a slight doubt for safety.

  20. I am a female, I have experienced two males in my life push till I push back and then claim to be a victim. It seems to have something to do with the dynamic between more passive and aggressive personalities. And being stuck within the perfection paradigm.- my best guess seeing that I am subjective in this particular dynamic.

  21. I lived this life Keanu, It broke my heart to finally tell her to leave; I held the hurt inside, I took the blows and hateful words. And now I find out I have Corona Virus. How Poetic that she has to find out and not be able to do a thing. I am also a soldier in the Army reserves.-Jayson

  22. Keanu. I understand what you are saying. I just wished you would have picked another example. I know there are woman out there that push and keep pushing till a point of no return is reached, but I am not one of them. I was beaten abused ridiculed and by today’s standards raped only because I existed. There are more men out there who beat on woman more because of there own weaknesses than being pushed by a snarky mouthed woman. I spent a lot of volunteer hours in safe houses. I’ve seen a lot. When a young woman comes to the center beaten holding her ten day old child I can’t imagine what pushing she did to have this happening to her. I love you Keanu. I respect who you are, your talent and the fine things you do. Please find another example. Thank you. Mary from Florida

  23. What is it when you say something to him and he always comes back with something from the past you have done to justify or take the focus off HIS actions ???

  24. I had a bad breakup last year, And it was her drinking that ruined it all.. But for Months she tried to push my buttons. She said some horrible stuff and even jumped in my face and pushed out her chest inches from me, Expecting me to react. I didn’t I took it all.. It was a very long and the hardest 5 months of my life.. It took me months to find a place to buy, because I worked so much and I didn’t have the time to look for a place. I knew when it ended what I was in for.

  25. Ummmmm am I the only one who thinks this reads as an excuse for domestic violence? If you are in an abusive relationship isn’t it better to leave rather than reach the point where you beat the sh*t out of your missus?
    Yes the woman in this scenario is abusive. To retaliate physically and blame the situation on a period of extended abuse is weak. Leaving relationships is hard. It’s better than being abused.

  26. I’d like to know if the text on the photo is from/by Keanu Reeves &/or does he have anything to do with this article?

    We are responsible for our own happiness as well as our own actions.
    How we react to all emotions, including anger, is also our responsibility.
    If something pushes you to the level of anger where you wish to harm them, you walk away. No matter how “provoked” you are, there is always a choice. “Finally” acting out in violence is a firm of pre-meditation & should have been dealt with in a different way long before it arises.
    Hitting someone because they hit you is a cop-out. You choose how you react to every situation, both positive & negative.
    You cannot make someone else the purveyor of your happiness nor the “reason” for your anger/abusive behaviour. I have been through a fair share of abuse, so I’m aware of both sides of the story. Peace.

  27. If being pushed to your limit justifies abusing your significant other than parents are going to think they are justified in abusing their children.

    Children push parents to their limits all the time. Abuse is not acceptable under any circumstances. Remove yourself from the immediate situation.

    Unlike a child, you are an adult who has options. Do NOT use someone else’s behaviour as an excuse to beat, abuse or hit someone else.

    The author of this article needs to be investigated or examined if he/she is operating under this philosophy. People may be in danger.

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