People who defend your name when you aren’t around are loyal friends

People who defend your name when you are not around are the most loyal friends you could ever get.

The most real people are those friends who will never forsake you during the darkest moments of your life.

When I look back at the things I have done for friendship and sacrifices my friends made for me; I need no one to tell me I’m the luckiest person alive.

All I ever wished for was to live my life normally like my friends. When I passed out in school I knew that was my last day on earth as I knew how critical my condition was, and no matching donor for my kidney has been found.

I was surprised when I opened my eyes to see another day, and my best friend was lying close to me.

He wasn’t sick before I fell into oblivion and I was wondering what happened to him.

I had a lot of questions on my head, why I was still alive and I feel so hale that I can feel my ribs breaking up when I breathe.

It turned out my best friend was the donor; I knew at that point that we are tied to be forever. He took the risk, gave up whatever that might happen in the future so that we will hold each other’s hands again.

Having friends who will never be scared to walk with you through the slippery paths of life are the most real friends.

There’s no loyalty without sacrifices, trust, and love. If you have loyal friends keep them, they are one in a million.

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