People were upset with Mom for sharing pictures of her child doing chores like cleaning and cooking on the internet.

In today’s culture, people often say certain things are for boys or girls. Boys are supposed to be good at tools and sports, while girls are expected to know how to cook, do laundry, and clean the house.

People think it’s funny and odd when guys do things that are usually considered for girls.

A mom named Nicole Boulogne in Michigan got criticized for sharing photos of her 7-year-old doing dishes and cleaning. Some people said it’s not right for boys to help with chores since that’s considered women’s work.

Nicole, a mom with two kids, works hard to make her children independent. Even though she handles everything at home, she thinks teaching her kids to do things by themselves will benefit them in the future.

Her older kid can handle simple household tasks, work in the yard, and cook. She plans to teach her younger child, who is still a toddler, the same skills when she’s older.

When questioned about why she teaches her child these things, she gave a proper explanation.

“I show my child how to cook and manage the house. Why? Because housework isn’t just for women. He might grow up to be a single man who can do his laundry and cook instead of ordering every night. He might want to impress someone with a meal they make together. And he’ll need to help at home when he has a family. I want to pass on skills so he won’t regret not learning basic things like laundry, cooking, tying ties, or paying taxes.”

“It’s my job to teach my kid essential skills and get him ready to be helpful in society, both at home and outside. You can still let your child be a kid while teaching them important lessons. For my child, cooking and doing house chores are not just for men. He’ll grow up to be the kind of man who can cook and also change a tire. Why wait for someone else to do chores when you can do them yourself? Parents, remember: A man who thinks he shouldn’t have to cook or clean up after himself was once a kid who wasn’t taught any better.”

Her mom’s approach is more scientific. Studies show that kids who help with household chores learn responsibility, take measured risks, and achieve high goals later in life.

Well done, Nicole. We think you’re a great mom!

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