People were curious about why these six things existed and were surprised by the answers they found.

The world is an amazing place full of mysterious things that always amaze people with how they look and what they’re used for, even though their purposes are often hard to figure out.

Sometimes, you can’t find all the answers on Google, especially when you’re not really sure what you’re looking for.

In our daily lives, we often get curious about mysteries that make us want to find out their secrets. The internet, which is a huge source of information, helps us connect with online groups of people who love investigating these puzzles. With the help of the internet, we can learn a lot and get expert advice without having to go anywhere in person.

With each click, we uncover more about the interesting things in the world, discovering hidden stories and fascinating facts. But as we explore, we realize that sometimes, things aren’t as amazing as they seemed at first. Here are six mysterious discoveries that left people curious and surprised.

6: Is it Trash or Something Else?

Someone posted a photo online of a strange thing they found in a messy drawer. They called it a “scoopy doodad.” They didn’t know what it was and asked for help from the internet.

They mentioned it was very heavy, didn’t have any labels, and had a small hole on top. What do you think it is?

The Solution: People on the internet figured out that the old Sunbeam Mixmaster had a juicer part that you could connect to the mixer. The weird thing was actually the spout where the juice came out, and the wire part had a tiny strainer to remove pulp from the juice.

5: Discovery in an Old Cupboard

Someone found something in an old cupboard that was completely made of glass and had small holes along its length. They posted a picture of this strange item online to learn more about it, and luckily, many people quickly figured out what it was.

The Solution: The weird glass thing was actually a “flower frog” used to keep flowers in place in a vase. The person who knew this explained that it’s not used much anymore because foam and gels are more common for the same purpose.

4: A Really Heavy Glass Thing

Someone posted a picture on Reddit of a heavy glass object sitting on a wooden table. They didn’t know what it was, and it had no labels. It had a small hole on top. What do you think it is?

The Solution: A smart internet user figured out the strange glass thing—it’s an “oil candle.” It might have been surprising to find that out!

3: A Strange Thing in a Bedroom Drawer

On Reddit, someone was surprised to find a weird object in their bedside drawer. They saw that the bottom of it seemed to be suede or soft leather, but they couldn’t figure out anything else about it.

The Solution: No one could figure out what it was until someone shared the answer and solved the puzzle: It was a nail buffer. Even the person who found it was surprised because they didn’t realize it was for nails.

2: Hidden Under the Floor

Someone posted a picture of a silver thing that looked a bit like an old-fashioned scissor. They were curious about what it might be. They found this strange object under the floor in a very old house from the 1800s.

The Solution: An internet user figured out that the strange item was used to cut the top off soft-boiled eggs. Another user confirmed that this answer was right.

1: A Confusing Discovery in a Hotel Room

A hotel guest found a vertical slot in their bedside table and had no idea what it was for. They couldn’t figure it out themselves, so they asked the online community for help.

The Solution: The slot was meant for keeping a laptop or tablet while charging overnight, so it didn’t take up too much space on the entire nightstand. The person who knew this said they asked the hotel’s front desk. They also noticed that the hotel seemed similar to one they stayed in, in Philly, and the original poster (OP) agreed.

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