People only care about the little things you neglect

No one sees how much you do for them; they only see what you don’t do.

You can do a lot for people, make sacrifices for them, but they will never get to see them; they will only take note of the sweat you didn’t break on their behalf.

When my best friend went into a coma, my life stopped with him too.

We only had each other’s back, he was an orphan so was I and we understood each other so perfectly.

We were on our way to school when a car suddenly lost break and was moving at a high speed towards the both of us.

I was lucky to dive into the river as we were on a bridge, but my best friend was so lucky; he survived it both he was comatose.

We didn’t have much and his medical expenses were quite rising; I had to start doing odd jobs to make ends meet.

I traveled to different parts of the state as a dancer; I always performed on different occasions as I knew I was a good dancer

Sometimes, it requires that I stay over a week or months for some, especially when it was for music videos, but I never stopped sending in funds to take care of my sick friend, all I did was for him.

There was a gig that required me traveled outside the country and we stayed for over two months over there and when I came back to the country; I rushed to see my brother and best friend as the hospital telephone number stopped going through and all I did to contact him was futile.

I get to know he has been discharged and he told the nurses never to disclose his whereabouts to me

I later got to find him and he was angry that I wasn’t by his side when he woke up and even after weeks, I didn’t care to show up; that I was obviously outside the country living my best life.

All my efforts in trying to explain my actions were in vain.

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