People hardly change for the better

A chameleon can always change its color depending on the environment it finds itself.  People can be like that.

People are often in our life with a lot of different motives. It can be for the better or, the worse.  

The beauty of someone or his attitude can make us blind to someone’s errors or deadly plans. Some people can trust an individual with their life, not forgetting that things can go wrong.

Humans are callous and deceitful. They are just like a snake that can always shed their skins many times. One shouldn’t ever believe that every beautiful being is an angel; you can never know what that soul has in mind or his plans.

Don’t trust people so blindly to the extent of neglecting some sad truths about them.

It is in human nature to be deceitful; it all depends on how you behave or your action towards people. Some people let that dark part cover them. It tends to change a lot of things. These people pay back good deeds with evil and are ready to do one. A deceitful person is as right as the devil.

Bad people hardly change at times, it can be possible, but it is rare. Experience is the best teacher. Never let people into your life after they might have hurt you or done the unpardonable to you. Forgive them but never give them a chance to repeat the act.

Remember that no matter how many times a snake sheds its skin; it will always be a snake.

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