Parents Rely on The Bus Driver with their Children; they had no idea he would come up with a plan when school was delayed.

Black ice poses a threat. You are aware of this if you have ever attempted to drive or walk.

Therefore, when Shelby County informed parents that school would be delayed to wait for snow to melt from the roads, it came as little surprise to them.

Wayne Price, The Bus Driver, unfortunately missed the message. He had already gathered all of his students because he was aware that bringing them home would only make accidents worse. He then did something else.

He knew he had to do something to keep the kids busy, so he told them to park the car and not use their smartphones for two hours.

Officials at Montevallo Elementary School in Montevallo, Alabama, were not surprised by his actions, despite the fact that they may not have been entirely correct.

You can see that they are aware of Wayne; They are conscious of his sarcasm.

However, the children were unaware of what was to come. They questioned whether Wayne had lost his mind when they went to the nearby McDonald’s.

It turned out that all he wanted was to buy them all breakfast cookies and pay for their meals rather than not serving them breakfast at school.

In particular, you can imagine how much Wayne had to pay for the bill because his bus carried somewhere between 40 to 50 childrens. On Facebook, school administrators commented, “Mr. Price, one of our Bus Drivers, really shows his Christmas spirit! He bought cookies on Tuesdays when school was delayed due to icy roads and we were unable to provide breakfast. McDonald’s for the students’ of the entire bus, Our students will always remember this kind of his deed!”

After hearing about his charity work, people from all over the world flooded Wayne with tributes and kind messages.

What a truly thoughtful gesture and a way to go above and beyond for the children he clearly cares about!

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