Only God understands and only he can help

Don’t expect everyone to understand you; they haven’t walked in your shoes.

Turn to God for only he knows what you are going through and only he can help with everything.

There are points I wanted to give up; no one was there for me‚ or even cared.

My life was in shambles and I didn’t know where to pick myself from; I had no mentor or parents or someone to give me a shoulder when the weight becomes much.

I was living on an island and at some points, I was happy about it; I was at least far from people who judged me without hearing my story.

In the church I was the only one who never stood up from her seat to declare the amount of money I was going to offer as tithe; I had nothing to give as I couldn’t afford a square meal.

People looted me and saw me as someone who doesn’t want the progress of the church; I was ridiculed and called stingy‚ at some points I was told to stop coming to the church if all I know how to do is to reap where I didn’t sow.

I was devastated; how the only place I ran for refuge could reject me outrightly without even hearing my story; I was crucified even before I was declared guilty.

It was as if all odds were against me; I wanted to stop living when I stumbled on the word of the lord. It gave me hope again; I realized that only God knows and sees everything; I shouldn’t let men define me.

God gave me peace and in him, I derive comfort.

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