On the School bus, A young boy notice “something strange” and immediately dials emergency services after taking a single glance at the driver.

Troy Luna’s parents warned him about putting his confidence in stranger persons, but they secretly hoped that their son might not have to obey that guidance. Sadly, these expectations were false.

On a particular day, as Troy Luna stepped onto his school bus to head home, he noticed something peculiar about the bus driver.

The astute observation and courageous actions of this young 10 year old have been acknowledged as the reason behind safeguarding his fellow classmates from an almost certain death.

Troy conveyed the odor emanating from the bus driver as “a combination of smokiness and an unfamiliar scent.”

The student from California maintained a vigilant watch over the bus driver and became alarmed by her driving behavior.

According to Troy’s account to CBS Sacramento, he expressed, “She abruptly slammed on the brakes, causing a few kids to be thrown off balance.”

Upon contacting emergency services by dialing 911, the driver’s were stoped.

Awhen she missed a turn and continued onto the highway, confirming Troy’s suspicion that something was amiss.

Thanks to the quick thinking of the intelligent 10 year old, law enforcement promptly arrived at the next stop to apprehend the driver.

“I thought to myself, ‘Alright, I’ll go ahead and make the 911 call,'” Troy recounted. “And so, I made the call.

“My friends were attempting to dissuade me,” Troy shared, as reported by Fox News. “But I persisted, saying, ‘I don’t care, something feels off.’ So, I took the initiative and made the call.”

The driver was unsuccessful in passing a sobriety test.

The police stopped the driver, who was responsible for approximately 30 children between the ages of 5 and 10 on the bus, and the driver did not pass a sobriety test.

According to CBS Sacramento, she faced charges of driving while influenced by a controlled substance and putting the well-being of children at risk.

Troy exemplified great courage by following his instincts and making the right choice, even in the face of opposition from his friends. Recognizing the significance of stepping away from the crowd when necessary is crucial.

This remarkable story serves as a tribute to the heroic actions of this young boy, and it deserves to be shared.

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