Not everyone that is family is a friend

We often seem to define family as a group of people allowed to disrespect and belittle you because we often see them as people we are related to by blood.

Just because someone is family doesn’t mean you have to tolerate lies‚ chaos‚ drama‚ manipulation and disrespect.

I have seen my friends treat me better than my family ever did.

During my third year in school‚ I was set to marry the love of my life; little did I know that things were never going to happen the way I wanted them.

On my way from school back home‚ the transit I boarded got into an accident and it was very fatal; I entered comatose.

During the five years, I was on life support; my family stopped checking up on me during the second year; they offered to sell off my body to a student teaching hospital‚ when I haven’t been confirmed dead.

I was left at the mercy of my best friend‚ even my so-called fiancé never checked up on me again.

My best friend was at my sickbed when I first moved a finger and it was her voice that brought me back to life.

On getting to my house‚ everyone was shocked to see me‚ and some of them ran away calling me a ghost.

It didn’t matter to me‚ I was focused on the big frame hanging in the sitting room; it was a marriage picture of my younger sister and my supposed fiancé.

I have already heard of my parent’s betrayal‚ but the one I never imagined was my fiancé and my favorite sister stabbing me too.

I had to leave home and change my environment; over the years I healed and was getting myself back.

I graduated with first-class honors in economics; after which I pursued another degree in law 

combined with a doctorate degree in business management.

I never knew I could go this far; I did it with a friend who considered me family.

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