No one knows my story

Some people try to turn their odometers; not me. I want people to know why I look this way. I have traveled a long way, and some of the roads weren’t paved.

I was born into a polygamous family and my mom was the fourth wife amidst six wives. I often wondered why mom chose to marry into a polygamous family talk more of a man she didn’t love.

I grew up to understand that she didn’t have an option as women were considered not worthy to make their own decisions.

I was fifteen when my dad wanted to marry me off too and each time I challenged his decisions I got the beating of my life leaving me with cuts and bruises; my mom couldn’t do much as she didn’t want to stand against my father.

I ran away from home, I started living in the streets looking for a way to survive; I did all manner of jobs ranging from a danfo conductor, a wheelbarrow pusher, any menial job I laid my hands on.

I wasn’t trained in school, unlike my brothers, because my father never saw the need in educating a girl child as he would always marry them off.

With the little money I gathered, I started attending an adult education class, and that was how my destiny changed.

The tutor was someone who took interest in my brilliance and took it upon himself to train to any level I choose.

He took me under his shelter and became the family I never had.

After getting a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, I went into full-time farming and livestock farming.

It started on a little scale and it’s now a brand that’s aiming for the stars. I never knew my story will change for the better.

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