No one has the right to treat you like shit

Always bear in mind that there isn’t a single person on this planet who is entitled to treat you like shit.

We have all been through a lot of things, at some points we lost our self-respect and dignity, but it doesn’t give anyone the right to treat us less.

If there’s anything I ever wished to be a dream, it should be mom and dad divorcing, and being in the custody of my father.

Not after three months after, he took another wife, I was wondering if he was seeing her before the divorce.

Everything was perfect until dad started having a lot of business trips, and was left in the house with his wife.

Many times, I have always stayed out of her way, but it seems like she always love to pick a quarrel. Mere looking at her, I knew she wasn’t my senior up to fifteen years.

She never stopped reminding me how bad my mom was; she always compared her to a loose popular woman in the neighborhood, but I never for once retaliated, all I did was cry.

Things continued that way, until she compared me to my mom, saying I was no different from her. I knew my mom had her flaws. She isn’t the perfect mother, but I knew her actions were justifiable.

It was at that moment I knew that if I continue keeping quiet she won’t stop talking to me like I’m some sort of trash.

I bet she never expected me to talk back at her, I reminded her that my mom will always remain in my father’s heart; even though things couldn’t work out between them, but I was sure of them being in love.

I told her a lot of hurtful things, I just had to do what’s necessary so that she could stop trampling on my emotions, I put her in her place, ever since then we made sure not to cross each other’s paths.


  1. U did the right thing & I would Not have faulted U had U done it sooner. She was making a plethora of (false) judgements that she absolutely had No right to make. Good for U.

  2. This other woman who has taken the place of your mom, has no right whatsoever, to speak trash about your mom or you @ all. I’m so proud of you for speaking up to her & standing your ground!

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