No One Can Make You Happy Except You

Happiness is a tricky thing. We think the things that will make us happy are on the outside.

We focus so much on other people and things being the source of our happiness that we fail to realize that our happiness lies in our hands.

The truth is that no one can make you happy if you can’t make yourself happy.

You can’t place the responsibility of your happiness on the shoulders of someone else.

It doesn’t matter who the person is to you or what is the significance of their relationship with you. Your happiness is not their responsibility.

You cannot be expecting to be made happy but someone else when you are not making yourself happy.

Your happiness starts and ends with you.

Yes, people around you can heighten or dampen your happiness, but they cannot give you happiness.

When you depend on people to make you happy, you make them believe they have something over you.  Do not give anybody that power. The power to determine your happiness. Once you start allowing people to believe that they can give you your happiness, they begin to wield that power over you.

You can’t be happy without you.

No matter how good a person is to you, no matter how good their intentions towards you are, they cannot make you happy without you.

You see, no one can make you happy without you.

You have to be at the forefront of your happiness agenda. Nobody will pursue that agenda for you as well as you can because no one can make you happy like you.

It is important that you discover and understand this fact.

Spend your time on building yourself. Focus your attention on learning to look within for your happiness.

True happiness comes from within, that is why if you are not able to make yourself happy, nobody can.

Resolve to be happy.

You have to be deliberate about your happiness.  Make a resolution to be happy. Happiness is not something that you search for. It is a state you resolve to be in, something you are conscious about.

Begin to resolve to be happy no matter what.

Begin to do it consciously, and soon, it becomes something you do unconsciously.

Work on yourself. Do not rely on other people to make you happy. Do not put the burden of your happiness on someone else. It reeks of an unhealthy form of entitlement when you expect people to make you happy.

A lot of persons have caused the people in their lives lots of pain and anguish because they have put the burden of being happy on them. When these people in their lives cannot make th genuinely happy (which they can’t), they begin to hate them.

Do not be that person that refuses to take responsibility for their happiness, expecting it from other people.

People love you better when you love yourself in a wholesome, healthy way. The same thing goes for happiness. 

People can only add to your happiness; the foundation of your happiness lies with you.