Never let them go

Sometimes you don’t fall in love with the person, you fall for their presence, you fall for their genuineness, for their effort, for the moment you spent with them, for how they make you laugh. You fall for how they are always by your side. They are the kind of person who will not give up on you no matter how messed up you are, and eventually those kinds of humans make you fall in love with yourself when you are with them. Never let them go.

When you meet someone for the first time, it is easy to appreciate their looks but what sets your soul on fire is beyond that. Their presence. Have you ever met someone that each time you are with person, you do not want to leave them?

They give you a special feeling that you feel no one else can give you. From the way they talk, the way they listen to you, and their genuine concern about you? Those are some of the qualities that is making you too into them.

The heart is a very fragile organ that is always craving for genuine love and care, and someone possess such quality, our heart ordinarily would always belong to them.

You can easily see how genuine a person is through their effort, your moment with them, their jokes and more. Availability Sometimes the people we fall in love with might not have the best looks, but the more time we spend we them, the more we lose our guard and allow our heart to tend towards them.

They are the ones that are always on our side even when we are on the wrong side of things, they stand up for us. They also are the ones that make us fall in love even with ourselves. If you have found someone like this, do not let them go.

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