Never ignore your mother

Many people forget the saying, old is gold. We often lose the moon while counting the stars. Never ignore your mother who loves you, cares for you, and misses you. You won’t know the value of what you have until you lose it.

Many times, we neglect those true beings in our lives, in the process of chasing after people who will never be with us at the end.

In this world, we are entitled to only one parent, and when they go they can never be replaced.

Never ignore the woman who birthed you, and was with you each step you took while growing up.

Whenever I see people who are bad to their mother; I feel bad on their behalf, if only they knew what they had.

All I have ever wished for is to be with my mom even if it’s for a minute. My life suddenly stopped moving since she left; I feel empty and lonely.

She left a big space in my heart, and I know no one can ever fill it. I never acknowledged her importance in my life, until she left.

She sacrificed her comfort so I will never be stressed; she provided everything I ever needed; now it feels so hard without her.

We never appreciate people until they are no longer there for us; we suddenly feel that space they left.

Treasure your mom before you can only see her in your dreams, and every time she ever went in her way to please you will only be in your memories.

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