Never give up

When life is difficult and when everything turns bad, always remember that ‘even a turtle can finish the race as long as he never gives up’’.

It’s easier to climb the ladder of success than keeping success, and all it takes is to never give up, even when you have gotten all that you ever wanted.

When I lost my parents; I never thought life would have any meaning again.

I lost my essence of living and I saw myself creeping into oblivion. Nothing mattered to me any longer; I just wanted to be with my parents once again.

They were my best friends, and it was hard taking any step without them holding my hands.

They left me the same day and I never got to say goodbye either; I often wondered where they are and if they were in a safe place.

I didn’t want to continue with the family business; I wanted to sell it out as every block in the building reminds me of them.

They were both hard-working and always persevered. The company was their sweat and blood and I was so scared of ruining their efforts.

I didn’t even want to complete my education; I was always stuck in their room going through their belongings.

One day, I stumbled upon my mom’s diary, never knew she had one and once again it opened heaven’s flood gate. I cried so much that my tears bag became empty.

I got to realize her wishes and plans for me and that alone triggered the fighting spirit in me; I decided not to give up on their dreams, not to let them down, and that alone became my driving force through success.

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