26 Negative toxic people quotes

When a toxic person
can no longer control you,
they will try to control
how others see you.
The misinformation will
feel unfair, but stay above
it, trusting that other
people will eventually
see the truth, just
like you did.

Don’t let negative

and toxic people rent space

in your head. Raise the rent

and kick them out.

8 Toxic People You Should
Just Get Rid Of
1. Those who spread negativity.
2. Those who criticize you all the time.
3. Those who waste your time.
4. Those who are jealous.
5. Those who play the victim.
6. Those who donit care.
7. Those who are self-centered.
8. Those who keep disappointing you.

You don’t ever have to feel guilty about
removing toxic people from your life.
It doesn’t matter whether someone is a
relative, romantic interest, employer,
childhood friend, or a new acquaintance
You don’t have to make room for
people who cause you pain or make
you feel small. It’s one thing if a person
owns up to their behavior and makes
an effort to change. But if a person
disregards your feelings, ignores your
boundaries, and “continues” to treat
you in a harmful way, they need to go.
Danielle Koepke —

Signs of Emotionally Manipulative People

a) They twist everything you say, to make you look
or feel bad.
b) They say awful things, then deny that they said it.

c) They use guilt trips to control people.
d) They minimize your difficulties or problems, so
e) they don’t have to be there for you.
f) Their situations or problems are always so much
worse than everyone else.
g) They are experts at using passive aggressive
behaviors to hurt you.
h) They focus their attention only on their own
unhappiness. They never acknowledge your pain.
They try to intimidate you with aggression or
i) They seek out sensitive, insecure or trusting
people, who have no idea the kind of people they
are dealing with. They take advantage of
genuine or naive souls.

Remove toxic people out of your life.
Stop maintaining relationships with
people that make you feel guilty about
things that you like, that make you feel
awful about yourself, that put you
down, that don’t support you, that are
mean. You just get those people and
remove them out of your life. Delete
them off of Facebook, break it down
easily. Because instead of just
maintaining these “relationships” with
people for the sake of just being polite
or civil, you can be civil without having
people that you don’t want in your life
and you’ll be so much happier. You
need to stop maintaining relationships
with toxic people because it’s just not
good for you and it’s not worth any of
your time.
-Rachel Whitehurst

Stay away from people who
can’t take responsibility for
their actions & who make
you feel bad for being
angry at them when they
do you wrong.

Don’t be afraid
to walk away from
toxic people.

I hate it
when people say,
“they’re still your family.”
Just because someone is
your family doesrü mean
you have to keep them in
your life toxic.
Blood means nothing
sometimes. Dorü let
people guilt you into being
in contact with someone
who good for your
mental health.


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