My wishes for Christmas

When I was a child; I had the longest list of what I always wanted for Christmas, but as I grew older my list reduced drastically.

One of my numerous wishes for Christmas was to meet Santa and hope he grants my wishes.

I wanted a lot of toys, mom and dad weren’t ready to provide them and I hoped that Santa will be able to give me lots of gifts and everything I ever wanted.

I loved a lot of Disney characters and I couldn’t but imagine myself in their dresses; I asked Mom to get me a Disney princess dress and she refused saying I didn’t need them to be a real princess.

I always loved going to the park on Christmas days, but my parents were always having none of it.

At some points, I felt they didn’t love me because they refused to get me things I wanted, but right now I know better.

I grew older and realized that not all things can be bought; it’s either the money isn’t there or it doesn’t exist.

I can’t believe I once wished to be dressed up like Cinderella and Sophia the first; I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of too many cartoons.

These days all I wish is for is peace of mind and happiness. I never understood what life meant until I grew up to understand.

This Christmas I wish to spend it with them, just us in a little home. The thought alone reminds me of how much I have missed them.

May this Christmas bring you lots of luck and answers to all your prayers.

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