My son stays quiet when his wife says mean things about me, but later he shows her how wrong she is in front of everyone.

Kate shared a story about her son staying quiet instead of standing up for her when his wife insulted her.

Kate used to enjoy cooking, but after her husband passed away, things changed. She lost interest in it. However, during holidays, especially Christmas when her son John visited, she would cook delicious meals.

This year was different because John’s wife, Liz, joined the family dinner for the first time. They had been dating for a while, and previously, Liz always spent Christmas at her parents’ house.

Kate got up early to make a special meal with chicken, gravy, and all of her son’s favorite side dishes and desserts.

While she was busy in the kitchen, Liz walked in with her phone and made a face as if something smelled bad. Despite Kate working hard and sweating, she chose to ignore Liz and stayed silent.

Sadly, things got worse when Liz suddenly suggested, “Hey, Kate, maybe we should order food. Not everyone likes what you cooked. I’m not sure if everyone even enjoys your cooking. Every part of Christmas is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone, including the food!”

Kate was shocked by her daughter-in-law’s harsh words.

In her post, she mentioned seeing John leaning against the archway, nibbling on a carrot. He avoided her gaze and looked out the window, and she held back tears, biting her lip.

As the guests came and sat at the table, it looked like everyone liked the food Kate made for the night.

John, checking in, said, “The food’s fantastic, isn’t it? Everyone’s having a good time?”

His uncle took more roasted potatoes and said, “Why wouldn’t we enjoy my sister’s food?”

“Because Liz thought Mom’s dishes might spoil the dinner, so she suggested ordering in,” John explained.

“That’s nonsense!” Kate’s brother said as he dipped his potatoes into the gravy.

Upon hearing this, John looked at his mom and smiled. Kate understood that her son didn’t react earlier because he was waiting for the right time to teach his wife a lesson.

Liz turned red as everyone stared at her, and Kate admitted she felt sorry for her because it was her first Christmas with the family.

Later, while putting dishes in the dishwasher and clearing the table, Liz went up to Kate.

“Kate, I’m sorry,” she said. “I was so wrong to act like that. I apologize, please understand.”

“Understand what?” Kate asked.

“I only said that because John loves your food. He always talks about how you make special things for him. I can’t even make basic mac and cheese without him saying yours is better. I saw the food, smelled the delicious aromas from this kitchen, and got anxious.”

“Liz, you should understand that a boy and his mother’s food is a special bond,” Kate said with a laugh, trying to ease the tension. “I can teach you to cook like me. My mother taught me everything I know.”

“Really?” Liz asked. “Even after I’ve been so mean?”

“Yes,” Kate replied.

Fortunately, Kate realized Liz’s intention wasn’t mean; she just felt threatened by her mother-in-law, but she soon learned it was for no reason.

Kate then took Liz to the Christmas tree and gave her the present she bought for her.

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