My silence means a lot

When I’m quiet, those that don’t know me look at me and think I am shy. People who know, know I am at my worse that period.

If there should be any set of people to avoid, it should be those who never talk even when the situation deems it. I have learned to always keep quiet and act like I’m deaf; it always saves me a lot of stress.

I was once an outspoken person until it got me into trouble. I was never a kid who could see someone doing something wrong and let it go; I will always point out anything I see. People called me a loudmouth and all sorts of names. My stepmom was my worst enemy as she hated me for not keeping her secret affairs.

I always told my dad and it brought issues between them. After I lost my dad, she became in full possession of the house. She made the house a hell for me, because of my deeds when my father was alive. Well, I knew I couldn’t take the maltreatment anymore and decided to change myself; I learned to become quiet.

She praised herself for being able to shut me up at last, well, she didn’t know what I have in store for her; I just needed time. Days, turned into weeks, months and years came, everyone forgot about me being a talkative. I became one of the quietest kids in the neighborhood.

This was when I started carrying out my plans on her; she never stopped bringing different partners into my father’s house. Well, each of them left with either a foot or limping, I had all of my plans set in place.

She never believed I was the one who drops banana peels on the staircase; she said I am quiet and couldn’t hurt a fly. My silence obviously means a lot, danger!

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