My silence doesn’t mean I can’t speak

Silence is Gold.

Many at times I chose to keep quiet over an argument or something lousy. That doesn’t mean being dumb or very bad in expressing myself.

Many at times a person takes my nature as being cowardice and can’t confront my problems but only if they knew that silence is Gold.

At times they more you meet with people and the different events that life keeps unfolding each day taught me one thing, the farther you get in life, life humbles you that you realize that speaking will only waste your energy.

Most times, I choose to keep quiet when I see no need proving an obvious fact, even if I did try to talk, your illusions won’t let you understand.  I prefer to keep what I know to myself.

People can be dynamic and have different views about things, when they bring up their own thought, trying to prove your own thought and views will only bring about chains of unnecessary arguments that might not end well. So I prefer not to speak.

The more you walk through life, you realize the efforts you have wasted in speaking to people. One realizes the need to always keep quiet and mind your business. Silence isn’t a show of cowardice it simply shows you can control your speech and actions.

Being in control of one’s speech is a virtue many people lack. If many people have such virtue and stick to it, the world could have been less noisy and a better place.


  1. thank you for the wise words. Gave me something to think about. That I need to remember!

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