My siblings are my best friends

No matter how many times we fight, exchange words go for days without talking my siblings will always remain my best friends.

My mom had the three of us the same day; we were identical and most times people find it hard to differentiate us even my mom.

The only thing different was our attitude; the oldest of us was very annoying and she always feels like she can boss us around because mama had her first.

We have had our rough days, they were days we could fight non-stop, and some moments we could be the lovely sisters everyone admires.

When I was hospitalized; they had to quit school for my sake; my mom tried coercing them to go back to school, they said they were incomplete without me.

They showed me so much love I never knew existed; we all missed an academic year together and they couldn’t let anyone pass us without letting them know their sister was back.

We had each other’s back; no matter how many times we fought we always come back to each other as nothing happened.

One of the best memories of us was when we were in high school; one of us got into punishment and they made sure we never came close to help her.

We started rotating rounds until we were able to finish the punishment; the teachers made sure we weren’t switching ourselves but little did they know we were able to manoeuver that.

We have had our good and bad days but in the end, they will always remain the ones closest to my heart.

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